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DIY Guide


Our DIY guide to help you install your new lawn.

You don’t have to be an expert to install an artificial lawn. We offer free friendly step by step guidance and advice to help you create your perfect artificial lawn.

We offer a full DIY lawn tool installation kit. These are available to hire, which will enable you to save a massive amount of money, instead of having to buy the essential tools needed.

Installation Kit available for hire

Installation Kit available for hire

To Begin

  • Ensure the area drains suitably
  • Use a Turf Cutter to remove your lawn to a maximum depth of 30/50mm.
  • Using tanalised battens, create a boundary around the perimeter, or ensure you have something as a marker i.e paving,wall, decking etc.
  • Level the area to covered
  • Apply 30/50mm  of sharp sand or recycled sharp sand. Level the sand layer and compact using a wacker plate.
  • Cover the area with Eckotek 7 weed suppressor or similar product.
  • Unroll your Finch artificial lawn. Ensure all the edges are covered before trimming the lawn with a stanley knife, then fasten down all edges using a hammer and 25mm nails.

How To Install On Hard Surfaces

  • Your Artificial Grass can easily be installed onto any existing concrete, decking or hard and smooth surface, as long as it drains well
  • Remove any debris from the area you wish to cover. Ensure the area is dry.
  • Lay your Artificial Grass onto the area and secure the edges with glue.

To affix to a hard surface such as concrete

Lay out your Finch Artificial Lawn –  remove any ripples and fix either just around the perimeter or the entire area using Aqua Bond Turf Glue.

How To Join Your Artificial Grass

  • The most important things to ensure when joining two or more pieces of artificial grass are that the pile runs in the same direction. And ONLY join manufactured straight edges, not cut edges.
  • Lay the two artificial grass pieces beside each other with the pile facing up, line the edges up alongside each other. Ensure the two pieces do not overlap or that there is no gap between the pieces.
  • Fold the edge of both pieces back approximately 1 inch, then carefully trim each joining edge to remove the black salvage edge
  • Lay the joining tape on the floor so the two pieces of grass will meet to the centre of the jointing tape.
  • Apply jointing adhesive along the tape in a zig zag line
  • Fold one side of the Artificial Grass onto half of the tape, then fold the other side onto the tape. Always ensure that your two Artificial Grass piece butt up together all the way up the joining seam. Do not allow them to overlap at all. Ensure there are no grass fibres trapped in the joint. Slowly check along the line.
  • Firmly press along the length of the seam to ensure the adhesive sticks correctly and leave to dry.


Remember if your are unsure please call us on 01268 928008 and we will help.

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