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How do I fix my artificial lawn?

How do I fix my artificial lawn?

How do I fix my artificial lawn?

Fixing artificial grass is very easy.

Lots of companies use various methods.  At David Finch Artificial Lawns we only recommend two methods which are, depending on the surface you are fixing the grass to, gluing directly or nailing to a timber frame, but never infilling with sand which encourages weed growth and prevents cleaning and maintenance.




The gluing method is used when a timber frame system cannot be installed to fasten your grass.  You would need to create a simple border using sand and cement (known as a haunch).  This is installed around the perimeter. Your artificial grass only needs to be glued round the edge, not the whole area.



We only recommend using an artificial grass glue.  This glue is made specifically to withstand all weather conditions that normal glues are not designed for. These glues can be purchased from David Finch Artificial Lawns.

Grass Glue


Nailing to a timber frame

This is the quickest and easiest lawn fixing method.  A frame is created by fixing a treated wooden batten around the perimeter of your lawn area.


Timber framed border


The frame is fixed to the ground using timber pegs, the grass is then fixed to the frame using 25mm fixing nails.

25mm Nails

All the above materials are held in stock and can be purchased with your new lawn.  If you have any queries please call us on 01268 928008.
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