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With over 30 years knowledge and expertise in the building and landscaping industry, I have built up a reputation for creating beautiful gardens and providing excellent customer service for 100’s of satisfied customers.

Due to the popularity and increase in demand for artificial lawns and since carrying out my first installations my company now focuses on supplying the highest quality artificial lawn.

Since my first artificial lawn installation in 2011 I have built up a vast knowledge and understanding of grasses, how they are made and what the requirements are to give you the customer a lawn that will not only look perfect, feel perfect, but will last for years to come.

It soon became apparent when using lower quality grasses, that the fibres flatten and lose their natural look very quickly. In my opinion and after years of installations and using different types of grass, the best lawns require a pile height of 40mm and needed to have a minimum of 18,900 tufts per square metre. Which is why we only sell grasses to that specification.

The more tufts per square metre the more durable the grass giving it a more natural look and softer feel for longer and reduces the effects of flattening under every day wear and tear.

In order to provide you the customer with the highest quality artificial lawn at an affordable price. I have worked very closely with my manufacturer to develop my very own unique brand of grasses.

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