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Why choose a 40mm Artificial Grass
A 40mm Artificial Grass conceals joins better than a shorter bladed Synthetic Grass (Artificial Grass is often referred to as
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Spike 2
Can I have a washing line in an artificial lawn?
In order to have a rotary type washing line in your lawn you will need to have a ground spike
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Grass Glue
How do I fix my artificial lawn?
Fixing artificial grass is very easy. Lots of companies use various methods.  At David Finch Artificial Lawns we only recommend
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Man Hole Cover
Can Artificial Grass be Installed Over Man Hole Covers?
The answer is yes.  Sometimes gardens have sewer or storm water drains running through them and from time to time
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your questions on artificial lawns
Your Questions Answered
Is Artificial grass suitable if I have a dog? DAVID FINCH ARTIFICIAL GRASSES are ideal for dog owners. The grass
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What is Artificial Grass?
To put it simply, artificial grass is a surface of synthetic fibres, yarns that are dyed and cut to look
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Why Artificial Grass
It’s like real grass (only better) We’d all love an immaculately manicured lawn. But unless you’ve got a full-time gardener,
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Maintain Your Grass
Below are some tips to ensure your artificial grass is in tip top condition. All leaves are promptly removed from
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